All your Shopify tags show up in Segments… but what about the other way around!?

We’re proud to announce our new Shopify integration: Sync your favorite segments as customer tags back to Shopify, enabling instant integration with every other app in the ecosystem that can access tags.

Here’s how to get started syncing Shopify customer tags:

#1. Login to Segments and go to the Integrations center

#2. Click on "+ Connect Provider" for Shopify

#3. If you haven’t already, accept “Write to Shopify” permissions (we only ever modify customer tags related to Segments!).

#4. Go back to Segments and sync your favorite segments from the All segments page.

#5. Your synced customer segments will show up as a customer tag named [Segments] Customer Segment Name. For example, if you synced over the Churned Customers segment, you'll see all customers in that segment tagged as [Segments] Churned Customers.

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to sync segments and setup auto-sync, refer to this help article.

Encountering any trouble or have questions? Contact us via email, chat with us directly via the chat bubble at bottom right, or book a call!

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