Who are they?

These are customers who have purchased only once and in the period most likely to convert again.

Why is this segment important?

First-time buyers are expensive to acquire (and customer acquisition costs are only continuing to rise). The key is to turn these one timers into loyal customers by driving repeat purchases — in fact, repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert than a first-time shopper and they spend more on each purchase.

Active one timers are still very likely to purchase because they are still in the active buying window.

Suggestions for this Segment:

  1. Create a personalized experience by sending a founders letter or video thanking them for their purchase.

  2. Use our Product journey feature to find the likely next purchase product

  3. Use our Product relations feature to find and cross-sell complementary products

How to find your Active one timers:

Search Active one timers in the My Segments page, or just click on this link.

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