Who are they?

Customers with 2 purchases, and in the period most likely to convert again (this is unique for each store and is calculated according to your store’s historical purchase and customer data).

Why is this segment important?

Active Repeats are a crucial segment because retaining a customer is far less expensive than acquiring a new one (in fact, studies show that acquiring a new customer costs 6-7x more expensive than retaining a current one), and retained customers are also more likely to refer their friends, family and connections to your business.

Suggestions for this segment

  1. Create a more personalized shopping experience by sending personalized order confirmation emails via Shopify (or your email marketing provider like Klaviyo (for Shopify Plus customers only)

  2. Use our Product journey feature to find the likely next purchase product and our Product relations feature to find and cross-sell complementary products.

  3. Offer these customers greater rewards in your loyalty program (if your store doesn’t have a loyalty program then just offers as bespoke offers)

  4. Offer free gift with purchase or free delivery on their next order.

How to find your Active Repeats:

Search Active Repeats on the My Segments page, or just click on this link.

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