Who are they?

Customers who are in the at-risk lifecycle journey stages, these customers have passed the optimal buying window based on your store’s historical purchase data and have the highest chance of never coming back. Remember it’s 7x more expensive to acquire new customers than keeping existing ones

Why is this segment important?

It’s important to keep track of this segment because the longer it’s been since someone purchased from you, the less likely they are to buy from you again. For example, if a customer normally buys from you roughly every five weeks, but hasn’t purchased in eight weeks, you need to act to change their behavior, otherwise, you’ve likely lost that customer to a competitor.

Suggestions for this Segment:

  1. Create a targeted email or email sequence to re-engage these customers.

  2. Provide an incentive like free shipping, 2-for-1, or a discount to keep them interested. Given that they’re most at risk, be prepared to send multiple emails and higher than normal discounts. As long as you’re making a small profit on each transaction, it should be worth it to keep these customers engaged.

  3. If your brand has a loyalty program, check if these customers are on the loyalty program and offer to upgrade them or provide store credit so this will have the customer coming back

How to find your Most likely to churn:

Search Most likely to churn in the My Segments page, or just click on this link.

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