Who are they?

Customers with 2 purchases, and at risk of churning (they are past the active buying window according to your store’s historical purchase history data).

Why is this segment important?

This segment is important because it’s easier and less expensive to re-engage your at-risk repeats than to win new customers. According to Klaviyo, repeat customers are nine times more likely to convert than first-time buyers, so it’s crucial to double the efforts to retain them at this point before they have already churned.

Suggestions for this segment

  1. Create a tiered discount strategy in post-purchase flows based on purchase history (i.e. offer greater % discounts based on past spend)

  2. Send replenishment (or “order again”) emails on consumable products.

  3. Recommend products for their 3rd purchase based on their order history.

How to find your At risk repeats:

Search Active Repeats on the My Segments page, or just click on this link.

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