Who are they?

Customers with 3 or more purchases.

Why is this segment important?

Loyal customers are important because they have a higher CLV than new customers and are also more likely to buy from your store. According to a study done by Yotpo, 59% of loyal customers are willing to refer your brand to their friends and family, and 36% are willing to spend more even when there are cheaper options in other stores.

Suggestions for this segment

  1. Reward your loyal customers with VIP-only offers and early access to new products, collections

  2. Send them a personalized email from the founder / CEO thanking them for their loyalty

  3. Release new products only available to this segment (product is visible on the site but only purchasable by loyal customers)

  4. Create in person events where possible to invite loyal customers to sample products

How to find your loyals:

Search Loyals on the My Segments page, or just click on this link.

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