Who are they?

Customers with 1 purchase.

Why is this segment important?

This segment is important because it’s getting more and more expensive to acquire new customers, so working on turning these one timers into repeat purchasers, and eventually into loyals, is crucial. In fact, according to Bain & Company, ​​a 5% increase in customer retention correlates with at least a 25% increase in profit.

Suggestions for this segment

  1. Sync your one timers into Facebook Ads and your email service provider and target them with an offer (discount, bundle, etc) to get them to repurchase.

  2. Use our Product journey feature to find the likely next purchase product and send out a cross-sell email.

  3. Introduce an attractive customer loyalty program to incentivize your customers to repeat their purchase.

How to find your One Timers:

Search One Timers on the My Segments page, or just click on this link.

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