The dashboard page gives you a review of your store's data, at a glance. There are three main tabs on the Dashboard: (1) Overview, (2) Customers, and (3) Products. Each gives a high level analytical view of important metrics.

Important Note:

Almost all of our features/pages are filterable by customer segment and date range.


Your store metrics are displayed as rearrangable, expandable cards representing important figures for your store's health, such as gross margin, net revenue, number of orders, and so on.

You can remove cards, add them (using the +Add Metric button), and rearrange them as you like.


In this Customers dashboard, you can view customer metrics, such as # of customers, CLV, AOV, etc.

See the % breakdown of your customers (Signups, One timers, Repeats, and Loyals). Make sure to integrate your marketing channels and sync customer segments!


In the Products dashboard, you can not only find your Top selling products and Top 1st ordered products, but you can also see popular customer product journeys and cross-sell opportunities.

Take a tour

If you're already a Segments user, get hands on with this interactive tour.

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