Our integration feature now has a new choice: Google Ads. You can sync segments to Google ads account and create the customer list. With the list, you can perform Customer Match, which allows you to target the customers or similar audience for re-marketing.

For more information about Customer Match, please refer to


Go to Integrations Page

Scroll to the end, you will see the new Google panel. Click Connect to start the integration.

Next, the browser will prompt you to login with your Google account.

Please choose the account which owns the admin access to your desired Google Ads account. We will ask for your permission to manage your Adwords campaigns. This is the minimum access required for integration.

If you are not sure which account is the right one, you can check the access level in Google Ads - Access and security

We will list all customers ids under the account. Customer id is a unique number used to identify your Google Ads account.

Please notice that we will check if your account is allowed to create customer list in each customer id, if not, we will specify not available and you are not allowed to select those ids. In this case, it is recommended to check if you have admin access to those ids.

You will see the success message if all check are passed. Now you are ready to sync your segments to Google Ads.


1.How do I check my Google account's access level?

Go to your Google Ads account, and click TOOLS & SETTINGS then Access and security. There will be a list with all users under this account. You can then check your access level.

2.Why is the customer id showing not available?

(1) Your Google accounts is not the admin of Google Ads account that you want to integrate. Please contact the account owner and ask for authorization.

(2)Your Google Ads account is not allowed by Google to use Customer Match

According to Google's policy, you need to meet the following requirements to enable Customer Match:

Customer Match is not available for all advertisers. To use Customer Match, your account must have:

  • A good history of policy compliance.

  • A good payment history.

  • At least 90 days history in Google Ads.

  • More than 50,000 USD total lifetime spend. For advertisers whose accounts are managed in currencies other than USD, your spend amount will be converted to USD using the average monthly conversion rate for that currency.

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