Here’s a step-by-step guide with screenshots.

#1. Go to your Integrations page

#2. Click on “+ Connect Provider" for Omnisend

#3. A pop-up will prompt you to provide your Omnisend API keys. Please click the link "Omnisend API keys tab" and log in to your Omnisend account.

The page will list all API keys you own now. You'll need to create a specific key for Segment, please click "CREATE API KEY".

Note: when creating the key, we strongly recommend you to name the key with keyword like Segments sync or Segments integration. This help you manage the key more easily. For more help creating API keys, check out Omnisend's helpful article.

#4. For our integration we only need your permissions to get Campaigns and Contacts data.

If you already have the key, you can simply choose one and copy the key. But you need to make sure the key has permission for "Campaign" and "Contact".

#5. Copy and paste the newly created API key. After submitting, you are ready to sync your segments to Omnisend.

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