Product relations helps you find cross-sell opportunities, product replenishment timing, and order breakdowns for any of your products, with a one-click solution to get your best combination.

Given a selected product, you can find out what other products are purchased most frequently alongside it based on your store's historical data. You can also see that product's replenishment timing.

In the Product relations feature, you'll find 3 tabs each showing different data insights, 1) Cross-sell, 2) Replenishment, and 3) Basket Breakdown.

1. Cross-sell:

Find which products are bought most given a selected product during a selected date range, so you can know which product combos are best for your store.

2. Replenishment:

You can see how many customers have bought the product during the time range, and how many of them have returned to buy the same product. Also, you can know the replenishment time.

3. Basket Breakdown:

What products did your customers buy together in the same transaction? Identify the most popular product combinations and implement product bundles using our basket breakdown.

How to use Product relations:

Choose a product in the list on the right hand side and click on Find relation to see the top 4 cross-sell product, replenishment rate, and replenishment timing.

  • Action 👉 Identify your top 3 products by sales volume

  • Action 👉 Review cross-sell suggestions for each

  • Action 👉 Use the optimal replenishment cycle of top selling products to design well-timed campaigns to encourage early repurchase and reminders

Questions that can be answered on this page:

  • What should I promote to the existing customers given their purchase record?

  • When should I send the email to notify my customers for replenishment?

  • What other products are customers buying in the same order?

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