Product journey is an interactive discovery tool for understanding what your customers bought on their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order. Find what's the best product for new and repeat customers.

Learn from the successful conversion paths of your existing customers to increase conversions for new customers. A journey of a thousand products starts with a single one. By mapping customers' past purchases in sequence, we can create a digital map of their journey to identity different purchase patterns that fit the customer persona of your audience.

Product Journey

How to use Product journey:

Choose a product in either the "1st Order" or "2nd Order" lists to see the next products that most people purchased after their first (or second) order. You can see which product is most often purchased in your customer's first, second, and the third order, and how your customer journeys through your store.

  • Action πŸ‘‰ Find one of your most popular first-order products, and see what the top second-order products are.

  • Action πŸ‘‰ Filter and save a new segment with customers who have purchased 1 order and First purchase product with the popular first product you found in the previous step.

  • Action πŸ‘‰ Sync this segment to your email platform. Now you’re ready to experiment with flows for recommending the second product based on your research.

Questions that can be answered on this page:

  • What should I promote to the new signups?

  • What' product I should recommend next?

Take a tour

If you're already a Segments user, get hands on with this feature's interactive tour.

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