Our Customer cohorts feature gives you a snapshot of your customers by grouping them as a cohort for the month of their first order, so you can analyze each month's customer profitability and follow-on spend by cohort.

The monthly cohort in this page is defined as a group of customers who made their first initial purchase in the specified month. M1 is defined as the month after the cohort first purchased, M2 as the second months after, etc.

There are three sections in this page:

1. Revenue growth

Review key metrics related to revenue, Average order value (AOV), and Average revenue per user (ARPU) growth over time.

Customer Cohort - Revenue Growth

2. Repeat purchase

Examine repeat purchase %, avg. number of orders (ANO), and purchase cycles.

Customer Cohort - Repeat Purchase

3. Churn rate

Understand customer churn rate and avg. tenure to improve customer retention.

Customer Cohort - Churn Rate

Questions that can be answered on this page:

  • Is my store encouraging customers to make repeat purchases consistently?

  • Which customer cohort has been the most valuable for my business?

  • What is the difference in metrics (purchase frequency, ARPU, churn) between my customer cohorts?

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