Repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert than a first time shopper and they spend more on each purchase.

Our Purchase timing is built with the goal to drive more customers down the funnel from one timers to loyal customers. It leverages historical data so you know when to target customers when they are most active and likely to purchase again, or when to increase urgency when they are about to churn.

This page will help you understand your customers' purchasing timing at different purchasing stages. We've broken down the purchasing stages as follows:

  • Between signing up and first purchase

    • First 24 hours

    • First 30 days

  • Between 1st and 2nd order

  • Between 2nd and 3rd order

In each chart, the blue buckets represent the Active customers, the orange represent the At Risk customers, and the grey represent the Churned customers.

Here is an example.

In the below chart, we can see 43% of customers return to purchase their second order within 21 days, and an additional 18% of customers purchase within 49 days. Further, we can glean that customers who have not purchased a second order by 6 weeks are likely to churn.

We suggest following up with your customers on the 3rd week (after their first purchase) to encourage them back while the first order is still fresh on their mind. Further, we suggest sending another email at the end of week 7 if they still have not made their second purchase in the store.

We can extrapolate the same logic for email marketing timings for customers after their second order by looking at the graph "Between orders 2 and 3."

For more inspiration, check out our case study where one of our clients leveraged our Purchase Timing data to increase abandoned cart conversion by 245%.

Questions that can be answered on this page:

  • When should we send marketing emails to customers who have made only one purchase?

  • Besides the product launch information, how can we decide the timing of sending email more strategically?

Note: for products that have a purchase cycle of 1 year or more, consider what other accessories and items customers are likely to buy to boost first month AOV.

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