The Executive summary page is an executive style summary of key metrics across your funnel stages. Within this page, you are able to filter across time periods and customer segments to see how your key metrics change.

There are 5 sections in this page that are detailed below:

1. Overall

All people who purchased in the specified date range

Overall - Executive Summary

2. Acquisition

All people who signed up in the specified date range

  • Suggested actions:

    1. Optimize welcome series timing and abandoned cart flows

    2. Add a conversion email if welcome series doesn't convert

Acquisition - Executive Summary

3. Activation

Historic signups making first-time purchases in the specified date range. For example, the "Last 30 days" time filter answers the question: out of all customers who signed up before 30 days ago, how many purchased for the first time in the past 30 days

  • Suggested actions:

    1. Keep these customers engaged by offering intelligent follow-up product suggestions, using our Product Journey and Product Relations tool

Activation - Executive Summary

4. Retention

Historic customers making repeat purchases in the specified date range

  • Suggested actions:

    1. Create tiered discount strategy in post-purchase flows

    2. Recommend purchase based on our Product Journey tool

    3. Replenishment reminder on consumables using our Product Relations tool

    4. Showcase new releases

Retention - Executive Summary

5. Churn

Previous customers and signups who have lapsed in the specified date range

  • Suggested actions:

    1. Win back or suppress

    2. Execute a one-time win back campaign

    3. Suppress if no engagement

    4. Retarget if CLV / CAC > 1

Churn - Executive Summary

Questions that can be answered on this page:

  • How many customers did I acquire in the specified date range?

  • How many new sign ups are there in the specified date range?

  • How many customers signed up previously but only recently made their first purchase?

  • How many customers made repeats purchases within the specified date range?

  • How many orders did they make? What is the average price of these orders? What is the revenue brought in by these customers?

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