1. I can't see any business (or ad) accounts after login page

Only the admin (or user with full access) of Facebook business accounts and ad accounts is allowed to sync the segment with custom audience. Please make sure you have the authorization.

Facebook business account access

Using Facebook Business Suite

You can see your access level from Business Suite - Settings - People. A valid account will see your name shown in the list with a Role Business admin.

Using Facebook Business Manager

You can see you access level from Business settings - Users - People. A valid account will see your name shown in the list with a shield icon and a status Admin access. If none of these are there, you are probably not a admin user, that is, we can't create audience with this Facebook account.

Reference: How to create a business manager? (link)

Facebook Ad account access

Using Facebook Business Suite

Click on More business settings and go to below steps

Using Facebook Business Manger

Can directly access to the following part

Next, you will also need a ad account access to use our integration service. Go to Business settings - Accounts - Ad accounts, you can see all your ad accounts under the business account. Your facebook account need to have full control of your ad account. Under People, there are users with access to this account. Click on the down arrow of your account and see if you are granted with Manage ad account.

2. I click on submit but it says "Facebook failed to authorize..."

There are several possibilities with this situation:

  • You haven't accepted the Terms of Service(TOS) to enable custom audience

To create custom audience in your ad account, you need to accept Facebook's TOS. Please copy the following link, replace <AD_ACCOUNT_ID> with your desired ad account id, and go to the page. You should see at the top of the website asking you to accept TOS.


ℹ️ Account ID can be found from Business settings > Accounts > Ad accounts, there is a ID:XXXX

  • You don't have access to edit ad accounts

Sometimes there is the case that you can only read the information of an ad account but not edit it. When you click on Submit, we will do a check to see if you are allowed to create audience in Facebook ad account. Please make sure you have the authorization.

Reference: Facebook Ad account access above

  • Your business account is too new to create a custom audience from the external list

Facebook doesn't allow a new business account to create audience until few weeks. In this case, we are not able to create one for you as well. Please switch to other business accounts or wait for few weeks.

Reference: explanation from Facebook: link

3. The integration is successful, but when I click Sync Once, there is no custom audience created under my ad accounts

  • Your segment size is too large

It can take up to 24 hours for Facebook to populate the audience. Consider that most of segments are >5,000 customers, it is possible that updating takes more time.

  • Your segment size is too small

If a segment size is too small, it is possible that the audience is failed to create.

Typically, it's recommended to have a segment with at least 100 customers' data to avoid this situation.

4. Is this a lookalike audience?/ How can I create a lookalike audience with Segments?

No, the audience we create for you is custom audience, which is an audience with your own customer data.

To create lookalike, you need to first sync a Segment, then in the Facebook Ads Manager - Audience, you can click on the audience and create a lookalike based on it.

5. Is this service GDPR compliant?

We only use the store’s own Shopify customer data with de-identification. All information is not identifiable when sync to Facebook, to make sure that entire process is compliant with GDPR. However, the user should know that their customers have right to opt-out from Facebook ads service. That is, the user should provide a method for their customers to choose deleting their data from the audience (like accept_marketing for Shopify).

Reference: explanation from Facebook: link

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