Note: When integrating with Facebook for the first time, you will need to login to your Facebook account. After setting up the integration, you will only need to click on Continue to manage the integration. If you want to integrate using other Facebook accounts, please use Incognito mode.

Login and select Facebook ad accounts

  1. In the new integration page, you will see a new option to Connect with Facebook

  2. Click on the Connect button, and it will pop up a setting panel. To integrate with Facebook, please log in to your account first with Continue with Facebook.

  3. It will redirect you to Facebook login page, requesting you to grant permission. Please click on Continue as <Your Name>.

  4. Next, we will ask for your permission of access to business accounts and ads accounts. You can click on Choose what you allow to edit the permission scope.

  5. There are two permissions we are asking for: Manage ads and Manage business. Both are required for integration; however, for Businesses, you can select only the businesses you want to sync with. Only the businesses selected will be shown in the integration page.

    Note: you must be the admin of the businesses to allow for integration. You can always edit access settings in Facebook in the future.

  6. After clicking on Continue, you will be able to see all your approved business accounts and their ad accounts in the panel. Select the ad account you want to integrate with and click on Submit, now you are ready to sync your segment with Facebook!

    You can select more than one ad account from different business accounts, but you need to have access to all accounts you select. You must be the admin of the ad account to allow for integration. If any account is not authenticated, we will show you the link to either Meta TOS page or ad account page for solving the permission issue.

  7. Voila! You've now successfully integrated with Facebook.

If you are having trouble successfully integrating with Facebook, check out this help article.


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