Making the initial connection

Here’s a step-by-step guide for making the initial connection to Klaviyo, with screenshots.

#1. Go to your Integrations page

#2. Find the Klaviyo card and click Connect provider.

#3. A popup will prompt you to add both your public and private Klaviyo API keys.

To find this, go to the API keys in your Klaviyo account. Create a private API key specifically for Segments. Copy and paste both the public and private API keys.

If you need help with API keys, you can also refer to Klaviyo’s help article.

#4. Hit submit and you’re good to go!

How to find your synced segments in Klaviyo

Once you've synced one of your segments to Klaviyo and it has been initially populated (within the first 24 hours), you'll find it listed under Klaviyo's "Lists and Segments" with a title such as "[Segments] Active loyals" or "[Segments] Active subscribers", and so on, matching the segment's name.

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