The RFM framework is a handy customer segmentation framework using 3 dimensions:

  1. Recency (when did a customer last purchase?)

  2. Frequency (how often do they purchase?)

  3. Monetary (how much do they spend?)

In Segments, we use the RFM framework in a couple of different ways:

  1. In the Lifecycle grid as a visual way to track your customers across different lifecycle phases

  2. As prebuilt customer segments, updated every day, that are immediately viewable and targetable.

Prebuilt RFM segments

Under the customer segments overview page or the all customers page, the specific RFM segments include:

  • Increase purchase frequency

  • Most likely to buy

  • High spenders

  • Most likely to churn

  • Churned high value

  • Low value

For more details about RFM check out our blog post, or reach out to us by chat or email.

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