The Lifecycle Journey is a framework for segmenting customers based on two attributes:

  1. Frequency — How many orders (0, 1, 2, 3+) a user has purchased

  2. Recency — Which buying period (Active, At Risk, Churned) a user is in, from when they last ordered or signed up

In Segments, we display the Lifecycle Journey visually as a 2x2 table, with the x-axis showing recency and the y-axis showing frequency.

Each grid box, 12 in total, is prebuilt as a customer segment (eg. "One Timers" x "At Risk") that you can immediately sync to marketing channels and being experimenting with campaigns. Each segment also has a small 📖 icon that displays broad recommendations we've seen work well for that specific segment.

How is Recency calculated?

Within each segment grid box, you will see a date range (eg. <= 2 days, 2–8 days, > 8 days in the case of "New Signups"). To determine these ranges, we look at your store's historical order and customer data and calculate the inflection points for each frequency's next purchase. More details and charts of the inflection points can be found under the customer analytics page.

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